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About Grey Ghost Investigations

Grey Ghost Investigations
Formerly known as Amazons Protective Services


Company Mission Statement

Loyally protect the American Dream!

 Company Values

  • Always put the client’s needs first
  • Conduct investigations with  integrity, commitment, and passion
  • Communicate with the client and involve them in the investigation process
  • Maintain a reputation of honesty, professionalism, and dedication to finding the truth
  • Minimize errors and ensure comprehensive, prompt results
  • Dedication to improvement and steady growth via continuing education, on-field experience, and implementation of the latest technological advances


Company History

Amazons Protective Services was established in April 2008. The company is owned by a former State of Florida Probation Officer who has always had a passion for investigations. Her educational experience includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Florida International University, 56 credits of a Psychology Master’s Degree Program from Nova Southeastern University, and a Masters Degree in Business Management that she will attain by 2011.

The company has enjoyed steady growth since 2008, which is largely due to the agency’s focus on dedication to providing excellent customer service.  The name ‘Amazons Protective Services’ was changed to ‘Grey Ghost’ in the summer of 2010, due to clients needing greater confidentiality measures when dealing with billing issues. Currently, the company specializes in surveillance, domestic (cheaters) cases, GPS tracking, alimony investigations, person locates, and background checks.  Company management is looking forward to servicing the South Florida community for many years to come!