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Choosing a Private Investigator in Fort Lauderdale

Have you tried to find a private investigator in Fort Lauderdale? There are literally hundreds of them! Do you ever wonder how so many people got into this field? Well, it seems that a big part of the over-saturation of this market has to do with the fact that up until recently, licensing standards for private investigators in South Florida were very lax. Before the new licensing requirements
were established a few years ago, individuals who were interested in becoming private investigators had to complete a two year sponsorship with an agency and then they would get their license. The interesting part in this whole thing is that some of these people never received the appropriate training while they were being sponsored. This means there are licensed investigators out there who have no idea how to write a report, complete an investigation, or they don’t know anything about state and federal statues regarding privacy laws. The State of Florida decided to minimize the occurance of such mishaps by making it mandatory for investigator trainees to first take a 40 hour course and then pass a test to determine if they are familiar with the state statute that regulates the private investigation profession. This change has helped to filter out any individuals who are not educated on the rules of our field and also (….sadly to say) any individuals who are not able to read and write. It seems that the State of Florida will continue to update their requirements for investigator licensing and hopefully, it will continue to filter out any individuals who are not good matches for this field.

It is important to note that there are many private investigation agencies in Fort Lauderdale that have been around for many years and they only employ trained and experienced investigators. These agencies are to be commended for their standards of excellence and recognized for their commitment to this field. Yet, you as the consumer, have to be able to differentiate between quality agencies and run-of-the-mill agencies, which is not an easy task. The burden is on you to decide who you will do business with. Therefore, it is suggested that before doing business with any agency, you should take the time to do your research. First and foremost, try going to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services website and running the agency’s name through their database to make sure that they are licensed. If you would like to take it one step further, you may even contact this department by telephone and inquire about any previous license complaints for the particular agency. Lastly, ask the agency to provide references for you. Although the cases that private investigators work are confidential, most agencies are able to provide a few references of prior
clients who have signed confidentiality waivers. Although this process is tedious, it will surely pay off in the long run.

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I can do my own investigation … Why do I need a private investigator?

It is amazing how the Internet has made it so easy to find information on people. Just run a search on ‘background check’ and you will see thousands of results from sites promising you the moon and the stars. Do you want adoption records? Marriage records? Inmate records? Cell phone numbers? No problem….all these sites promise that they can deliver. Some of them even state that they are free. Well, guess what? They are almost never free! Most of these sites are a waste of money. First of all, you will NEVER find adoption records in an online database. Some of them do actually deliver of some of their promises (e.g. criminal records), yet their information might be incomplete or outdated. Everyone tries to save money these days, so they would rather pay $40 to a database then hire an investigator who would charge double. What usually happens though is that you might end up paying $40, then the information you get is incomplete or inaccurate. Then you will pay another $40 to another website, only to get the same type of result. Now you have spent $80, when you could have given that money to an investigator who would have gotten the correct information for you in 10 minutes. You would’ve saved time and kept your peace of mind. Now, there are several good background search websites out there, but you have to know which ones they are.

But what about surveillance? Some individuals think that they can  follow others or put GPS on their vehicles without a problem. Well, actually, this is a BIG problem. Please be aware of the fact that if you’re following someone and you are not a licensed private investigator, you can be accused of stalking. If you put GPS on someone’s vehicle without their permission, you will also be violating major privacy laws and you will be looking at some jail time. It is important that you are familiar with state and federal laws prior to investigating anyone. This  is why hiring a private investigator is so convenient. Every licensed investigator is trained in privacy laws and they know how to handle each particular case in a lawful manner. Therefore, it is imperative that you let a licensed professional handle delicate issues for you. Yes, it does cost more than if you were to investigate the case on your own, but just think how much money you would be spending if you had to defend yourself against a stalking charge. When you weigh the risks versus benefits, it is evident that hiring a private investigator is the smarter thing to do.

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Valuable Tips to Remember When Hiring a Private Investigator

It is very important that you take your time and do your research when you hire a private investigator. In Fort Lauderdale alone, there are hundreds of private investigators, which makes choosing a good one very difficult. These are some tips to follow when deciding whether to work with a particular private investigator:

Ask them how many investigators their hourly fee includes!

Sometimes, one private investigator is not enough. It is very difficult to follow a moving vehicle, while video tapping, and making sure that you watch for traffic at the same time. It is also impossible to be in two places at the same time (e.g. in the parking lot watching the vehicle and inside a restaurant watching the subject) without being spotted. There are certain instances when two investigators should be the norm. Many agencies choose to proceed with one investigator, which results in the loss of the subject or even worse, spotting of the PI by the subject. While you may be thinking that you are saving money by only using one PI, you end up losing more money and time in the long run.

Ask them what happens if they lose the subject!

Do you get a refund? Do you get a credit? Do you get nothing? All agencies differ on this policy and you should be aware of this prior to hiring the company.

Ask them if they will rotate private investigators or if they will use the same investigator every day!

This is important because many agencies are small, one-man operations and may not have the resources necessary to do a good job for you. Do you think you would spot the same person following you in the same car every day? So would the subject of the investigation! It is important to use creativity and diverse resources to ensure concealment and confidentiality.

Ask them what their retainer fee is and what it includes!

Many agencies use a standard 8 hour or 10 hour retainer fee method. That means that once they are out on field for the day, they might charge you for 8-10 hours, even if the subject sat home and watched TV for that entire time. They don’t call you to let you know what is going on until that retainer is done. Which leads me to my next tip:

As them how often they will communicate with you and what degree of control you will have in the investigation!

The standard private investigations agency will go out on field, finish the hours that were paid for, and report that there was “no activity”. Don’t fall for this! Make sure that the agency will communicate with you and that you have the power to call off the investigation if nothing is happening after a few hours (not 10!).

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Choosing the right Florida private investigator

Choosing the right private investigator should not be difficult if you know what to look for.  Finding a private investigator in Miami is easy if you follow simple rules.  The private investigator in the Miami area you choose should have experience in your particular need.  This detective should be able to provide proof of how many years in the field they claim to have.  Most states regulate the Private Investigation field through various means of licensing, minimum qualifications, and current status.  A private investigator in Florida can be verified through the Florida Department of Agriculture. This link will provide someone looking for a private investigator in Florida a chance to verify that the agency selected has a current license.  The Florida Department of Agriculture can also verify the license of an individual Private Investigator as well. Therefore, when someone has found a private investigator for a South Florida case, they can confirm their agency identification number.

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Amazons Protective Services to change name and logo.

In the summer of 2010, Amazons Protective Services will be changing its name to Grey Ghost.  Gray Ghost will continue to provide top notch security services as well as private investigations.  Grey Ghost Security and Investigations, located in the greater Fort Lauderdale area, has a proven track record in the area of security guard services and private detective work.  The Gray Ghost Investigations office is physically located in Dania Beach.  Dania Beach, Fl private investigator service is an ideal location for any detective work required in South Florida.  Dania Beach is located south of West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, north of Hollywood and Hallandale and east of Davie, Cooper City, and Pembroke Pines.

A little bit about the name Grey Ghost.   Gray Ghost is a nick name for a breed of dog known to possess exceptional qualities.  Just like the K-9 Weimaraner is loyal, so too will Grey Ghost Security and Investigations be to you!

Why did I use two methods of spelling the word Grey (Gray)?  You tell me, there seems to be no right or wrong way to spell the word grey, but it seems to depend on how close to Britain you are.  Hope your day is not gray!

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Pre-Sentence Investigations in Florida

Do you have a loved one who was arrested and has already been found guilty? Has the judge ordered a Pre-Sentence Investigation? Please be advised that the State, specifically the Department of Corrections, is the party responsible for completing this investigation. This means that a state probation officer will be responsible for collecting all the data about your loved one and submitting it to the judge. This data is read by the judge, prior to determining your loved one’s sentence. The fact is, probation officers have plenty to do already.  When an officer receives an order for a PSI, it is another thing put on their overloaded plate.  Recently, the Department of Corrections slashed 200 positions within its ranks (please click on the link on the bottom of this page for additional information).  Less manpower, means even more overload and even less motivation. 

Now, here is my question to you: How do you know that the State will do a thorough job collecting all the information about your loved one?  This is not to say that all PSI’s done by the State are incomplete, but they most likely will not be as comprehensive and neutral as the ones done by us! How can we claim all this? We used to work for the State. We’ve been there and done that! We know how the process works and our main priority is to gather all the relevant information about your loved one, to get his/her side of the story, and to ensure that the judge has all the available information in order to make a fair decision. Most likely, the PSI will be last piece of information that the judge will receive regarding the defendant. Why not make sure that this investigation is done properly, completely, and without bias?

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Amazons Protective Services Launches New Site

Congratulations to Amazons Security on the launch of their new site

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