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Pre-Sentence Investigations in Florida

Do you have a loved one who was arrested and has already been found guilty? Has the judge ordered a Pre-Sentence Investigation? Please be advised that the State, specifically the Department of Corrections, is the party responsible for completing this investigation. This means that a state probation officer will be responsible for collecting all the data about your loved one and submitting it to the judge. This data is read by the judge, prior to determining your loved one’s sentence. The fact is, probation officers have plenty to do already.  When an officer receives an order for a PSI, it is another thing put on their overloaded plate.  Recently, the Department of Corrections slashed 200 positions within its ranks (please click on the link on the bottom of this page for additional information).  Less manpower, means even more overload and even less motivation. 

Now, here is my question to you: How do you know that the State will do a thorough job collecting all the information about your loved one?  This is not to say that all PSI’s done by the State are incomplete, but they most likely will not be as comprehensive and neutral as the ones done by us! How can we claim all this? We used to work for the State. We’ve been there and done that! We know how the process works and our main priority is to gather all the relevant information about your loved one, to get his/her side of the story, and to ensure that the judge has all the available information in order to make a fair decision. Most likely, the PSI will be last piece of information that the judge will receive regarding the defendant. Why not make sure that this investigation is done properly, completely, and without bias?


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