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I can do my own investigation … Why do I need a private investigator?

It is amazing how the Internet has made it so easy to find information on people. Just run a search on ‘background check’ and you will see thousands of results from sites promising you the moon and the stars. Do you want adoption records? Marriage records? Inmate records? Cell phone numbers? No problem….all these sites promise that they can deliver. Some of them even state that they are free. Well, guess what? They are almost never free! Most of these sites are a waste of money. First of all, you will NEVER find adoption records in an online database. Some of them do actually deliver of some of their promises (e.g. criminal records), yet their information might be incomplete or outdated. Everyone tries to save money these days, so they would rather pay $40 to a database then hire an investigator who would charge double. What usually happens though is that you might end up paying $40, then the information you get is incomplete or inaccurate. Then you will pay another $40 to another website, only to get the same type of result. Now you have spent $80, when you could have given that money to an investigator who would have gotten the correct information for you in 10 minutes. You would’ve saved time and kept your peace of mind. Now, there are several good background search websites out there, but you have to know which ones they are.

But what about surveillance? Some individuals think that they canĀ  follow others or put GPS on their vehicles without a problem. Well, actually, this is a BIG problem. Please be aware of the fact that if you’re following someone and you are not a licensed private investigator, you can be accused of stalking. If you put GPS on someone’s vehicle without their permission, you will also be violating major privacy laws and you will be looking at some jail time. It is important that you are familiar with state and federal laws prior to investigating anyone. ThisĀ  is why hiring a private investigator is so convenient. Every licensed investigator is trained in privacy laws and they know how to handle each particular case in a lawful manner. Therefore, it is imperative that you let a licensed professional handle delicate issues for you. Yes, it does cost more than if you were to investigate the case on your own, but just think how much money you would be spending if you had to defend yourself against a stalking charge. When you weigh the risks versus benefits, it is evident that hiring a private investigator is the smarter thing to do.


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