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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my case be kept confidential?

A: Everything concerning your case will always be kept confidential. All the conversations we have and the information exchanged will remain between us. We also teach our clients to take safety precautions on their end to ensure that our communications will not be accessed by any third parties.

Q: What information do I need to give you in order to run a background investigation on someone?

A: We at least need a correct first and last name and a date of birth (or approximate age). The more information you have the faster (and cheaper) the outcome will be.

Q: What information do I need I need to give you in order to start a surveillance investigation?

A: Again, the more information given about the subject of the investigation, the faster and cheaper the investigation will be. We at least need a thorough description of the subject, an address where to pick them up from, and a picture of them. Any additional information, like make, model, and tag # of their vehicle, their work address, and their schedule will help us greatly.

Q: What else do you need from me in order to start the surveillance?

A: We will send you an agreement for services, which we need you to sign and send back to us. Then, you submit payment for four hours of surveillance and we get started on your case.

Q: How often will I get updates on my surveillance case?

A: We will call you after 3.5 hours of surveillance and update you on the status of the investigation. At that point, you will tell us if you would like to continue for the day or not. If you want to continue, you will send us another payment for four hours of surveillance. Then we will continue the surveillance and we will call you again after 3.5 hours to update you. You always remain in control of how many hours are spent on the investigation and you will always be informed about how the investigation is going.

Q: Can we do GPS tracking on the subject of my investigation?

A: GPS tracking may only be done if the vehicle that the subject drives is legally owned by you. We cannot use GPS on any vehicle that does not belong to you.

Q: What happens if you lose the subject of my investigation during surveillance?

A: We do our best to make sure that we do not lose our subject and this why we always use two investigators on each surveillance case. Unfortunately though, situations that are out of our control do come up and we may indeed lose the subject. If this happens, we do our best to locate the subject by going to previously known locations and/or scanning the area where the subject was lost. If the subject is still not found, we will terminate the surveillance for that day and use any remaining funds towards the next day’s surveillance (or as a credit for any future work).

Q: What sort of payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept credit cards, Paypal, cash, certified checks, and money orders.

Q: What evidence will you give me at the end of the surveillance?

A: We will give you videos and/or pictures of the evidence we found. We will also give you detailed written reports of our daily findings for your case.

Q: Will your company testify in court on my behalf?

A: Yes, we would be happy to assist you in this matter. Please call us to inquire about our court rates.

Q: What are your days and hours of operation?

A: We operate 24/7 and we are always available to assist you.